The Intelligent Choice



Every person and situation differs, therefore we focus on the individual to understand the situation fully, which enables us to find and implement a customized solution.



Our services are result orientated, for we understand that time and resources are limited, and should only be applied where the best result can be achieved.



Our staff are helpful, competent and informed to assist you with your matters. We do not compromise our values of honesty and integrity.


Always a pleasure to deal with the #1 property attorneys in Centurion.

Iwhan Basson

I’ve been an estate agent for many years and Fivaz Inc. has overseen most of my sales. I highly recommend them for fast and efficient service of property transfers.

Linda Bezuidenhout

FIVAZ offered me the attention, guidance and representation I needed. The personalised legal counsel I received was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more qualified and attentive lawyer.

Gideon Meyer

About Us

Fivaz Incorporated (Attorneys and Conveyancers) is an innovative, dynamic and growing law firm founded in 2002. We are focused on people and understand that a one size fits all solution is not a proper approach when assisting clients.

We endeavour to ensure that our clients are informed and up to date with the progress of their matters. Solid business relationships are based on open, honest and regular communication.

Our firm is committed to provide and deliver legal services of exemplary standards while remaining within realistic parameters of affordability.

We are sensitive to the business needs of our clients and strive to develop a close and personal relationship with them. We understand the importance of continuity in legal counselling and the value of an attorney who understands a client’s needs, focused on finding practical solutions to the challenges the client faces.

Communication. Relationship. Service excellence.